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Frequently Asked Questions

At The Farm


What should I bring?

We supply hand saws for cutting down your own tree as well as twine for securing it to your vehicle.  Consider bringing your own hand saw. Please dress for the weather and wear appropriate shoes or boots. Bring a camera to make the most of your tree finding adventure.


What types of trees do you sell?

We grow 3 types of trees in our field, Douglas Fir, Grand Fir and Fraser Fir. We also offer Noble Fir as a pre-cut tree.


How much are your trees?

The U-Cut trees in the field and pre-cut trees on the yard are priced per foot. The price varies by variety of tree.

Is there a minimum charge for your trees?

Yes, to discourage cutting small trees that have not yet reached maturity, there is a minimum charge of $35 for a Douglas Fir, or $45 for a Grand or $50 for Fraser Fir regardless of size.


How do I tell the difference between the types of trees you grow?

There are signs in the field identifying the different tree types as well as the price per foot


Do you have hot chocolate and apple cider?

Yes, we have hot chocolate and apple cider available along with free candy canes, every day.


How big is your farm?

There are 12 acres of planted Christmas trees for you to choose from.


Can I bring my dog?

Yes! dogs are allowed as long as they are on a leash and owners clean up any waste. Please no dogs inside the sales shed.


What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard and debit.


Do you have a tree baler?

We have a tree baler for trees up to 8' in height.  We supply twine for tying your tree to your vehicle.


Do I have to cut my own tree?

There is a selection of fresh pre-cut trees available to choose from of Douglas fir, Grand Fir, Fraser Fir and Noble Fir. Pre-cut trees are also priced per foot and are the same price as u-cut trees.


Do you sell live trees?

We do not sell live trees or recommend digging our trees because our soil is quite sandy and the trees often do not survive a transplant.


Do you sell tree stands?

Yes, we generally have a few tree stands for purchase.




Taking Your Tree Home


Can you help me load my tree onto my car?

We can assist you with loading your tree onto your vehicle and can provide instruction on how to tie it down with twine that we provide.


What should I do if I don't want to set up my tree right away?

Leaving your tree in a bucket of water either outside or in a garage is best. If the sap is allowed to seal the base of the tree (2-3 hours after being cut) then the bottom will need to be re-cut before being put into water.


Does my tree need a fresh cut before I bring it inside?

If you cut your tree (or had a fresh cut done by the staff at the farm) and it is within 2-3 hours since the last cut you can put your tree up in a stand with plenty of water and it will begin absorbing water. If it has been longer or you are unsure, a fresh cut of about 1/2" or 2cm will help the tree to begin absorbing water again.




Caring For Your Tree


What size of tree stand should I use?

A stand that holds approximately 1 gallon or 4-5 litres is best. A fresh cut tree will absorb up to 2 litres a day especially in the first few days of being inside a warm house. We sell tree stands that hold approximately 1/2 gallon or 1-2 litres.


How often should I water my tree?

Checking the water level and filling the stand with new water on a daily basis may be necessary in the first week of having the tree inside. After the first week you may notice the tree absorbs less water.


Should I put anything in the water for the tree?

We have found that regular tap water works best and is all a tree needs to last for the holiday season. Additives may block the absorption ability of a fresh cut tree.


What if I forget to water my tree?

If the water level in the stand has been allowed to fall below the cut of the tree base for more than 2-3 hours, sap will have sealed the base of the tree preventing further water intake. A fresh cut of 1/2" or 2cm is needed to allow the tree to begin absorbing water again.


How long will my tree last?

Depending on the type of tree and the care given to it will continue to feel fresh from 3-6 weeks. Fraser Fir and Noble Fir last the longest and have excellent needle retention.


How should I remove my tree?

Using a tree bag is an easier, less messy way to remove a tree from your house. Once the decorations are off of the tree, put the large bag underneath the stand and take the entire tree and stand outside. Then remove the stand from the bag. We sell large “tree bags” inside the tree sales shed.


What should I do with my tree after Christmas?

Trees can be recycled into wood chips and garden mulch. Check with your local municipality for pick up days or locations that you can drop off a tree. Sometimes local community groups offer to chip a tree for a small donation.

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree
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