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Christmas Tree Care

Caring for your Christmas Tree will help ensure it stays fresh for the duration of the holiday season. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your tree lasting its longest.

A Fresh Cut


Make sure your tree has a fresh cut off the base of the trunk. If you have cut your tree down yourself from the field, the cut will stay fresh for about 2-3 hours before it will need to be re-cut. If you chose a tree from the pre-cut selection a new fresh cut of ½” or 2-3cm will need to be done either at Fernridge Christmas Tree Forest or at home before you put the tree in water.

The Stand

Christmas Tree Stand

Make sure you have a large Christmas tree stand that can hold at least 1 gallon or 4-5 litres of water. Fernridge Christmas Tree Forest sells various tree stands that are simple to use. Set the tree in the stand before filling it with water and secure the tree in place using the pin on the bottom of the stand and other hardware your stand may have.  Do not cut the bark off of the base of any Christmas tree because this is where the water is absorbed, not through the centre of the trunk. After the tree is upright, fill the stand with water.

The Water

Regular water is all a fresh cut Christmas tree needs to stay fresh throughout the holiday season. Any Christmas tree that has been recently brought into a house will absorb a large amount of water in the first few days or week of being inside. Your tree may absorb up to 1 gallon, or 4-5 litres a day so it is a good idea to check the water level frequently especially in the first few days. If the water level is allowed to fall below the base of the tree, sap will seal the base up, stopping the tree from absorbing any future water. If this happens the tree will need to be re-cut in order for it to begin absorbing water again.


When setting up your tree, put the tree bag under your stand. You may hide the bag with a tree skirt, or gifts. When it comes time to take down the tree, simply undecorate and pull the tree bag over the entire tree and take the entire tree outside.


Fernridge Christmas Tree Forest sells large “tree bags” in the sales shed. 

Check with your local municipality for time and locations of where to recycle your tree.

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